Medical Care at Bainfield Park

Medical Care

  • Medical care is provided by the resident’s choice of General Practitioner – although a Home Doctor service is available by a local Doctor who cares for many of our residents and also provides a Mon. – Fri. Accident and Emergency service. ( Waihopai Health Service ).
    Our Clinical Nurse Manager liases closely with the health professionals involved in our residents care and arranges appointments and visits as required either on a routine or acute basis.
  • The cost of all medical care is the responsibility of the Resident.
    (both routine and acute care – unless the cost is covered by SDHB or ACC ).

If residents are not able to visit the Doctors surgery – a “Home Visit” will be arranged. A “Home Visit” is more costly than attending a clinic appointment.

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All medications at Bainfield Park are dispensed in safety approved Douglas Blister Packs by our regular pharmacy of choice.

The cost of all medications and over-the-counter preparations are to be met by the Resident.

Blister packs also encourage independence where self medication is possible. (a locked drawer will be made available in the Residents room if they are able to self medicate ).