Services Bainfield Park Offers

Disability Aids

Every resident is encouraged to reach their potential and remain as independent as possible.   All residents will be assessed on an ongoing basis regarding the requirement for physical aids to assist them to reach their potential.   The cost of individualised equipment is met by the individual, or ENABLE NZ.


Visits on a regular monthly basis as required by our residents.  Cost to the individual.


All bed linen and towels are provided and laundered by us.  Personal clothing must be clearly named and will be laundered on a daily turnaround basis.  Ironing and basic mending services are provided.


This is the responsibility of the Resident but staff will facilitate the purchasing if no supports are available to attend to the shopping.  Dry cleaning can be arranged – cost to the individual.

Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Both services are arranged on a consultancy basis as required and may incur a charge to the individual.


A telephone booth is available at all times for the residents.  A mobile phone is also available to relay calls if this is appropriate.  Some residents choose to have a private phone line installed into their own room.  Cost to the individual.


For the convenience of our Residents, a small shop is available for the purchase of sweets, drinks, toiletries, and a variety of incidentals.  Cost to the individual. We are within walking distance of Countdown Waikiwi.

Sky Television

All residents are able to have Sky connected if they are prepared to meet the cost.

Hair Salon

Situated near the main entrance – is staffed by a local Hairdresser one day per week. Evening appointments are also available. Cost to the individual.


We have one passenger van and one car to assist with transportation on outings, and to appointments and visits to the hospital.  A cost may be associated if our transportation is used. We are also well served by local wheelchair taxi services and public transport.


Whilst residents are encouraged to keep their rooms clean and tidy, our cleaning staff will provide a daily service to all rooms. Regular “room tidies” are carried out also.

Other Services

An example of other services available but not included in the Residential Care Fee:
Optical Services, Dental Services, Audiology Services, Legal and financial services, Transportation costs, Counselling, Diagnostic testing if not available in public health system, Labeling clothes, One off entertainment fees Doctors, Podiatrist and Pharmacy -charges (except for aged care)