Getting Started With Residential Care

The Decision to Move to Residential Care

We appreciate that it can be a stressful and worrying time when considering the need to move a loved one out of the family home and into residential care.

The ideal for any individual is that they live as independently as possible within their own environment.  Unfortunately however, there may come a time when the quality of life for everyone involved (including the disabled person) is compromised to such a degree that alternative care is sought.

It is important not to allow a crisis to occur before seeking Residential Care options – decisions are best made when time is available to visit Residential Care providers, discuss your individual needs with the staff, and view what is available to you first hand.

Moving into Residential Care is an exciting, positive and challenging time for both the new resident and their family.   Our experience tells us that the settling in period is always more relaxed and happy if the family have communicated openly and honestly with us prior to the moving in date and all queries and questions have been answered and details sorted out.

We are committed to providing the very best life possible for all of our residents.  To ensure that this is maintained, it is important that we are able to meet the needs of any intending residents without compromising others.

Compatibility is vitally important within our small community environment and must be considered carefully.

How to Seek Residential Care

All individuals who are seeking Residential Care must first be assessed by an Approved Assessor to evaluate the level of care required by the individual and discuss the available options.

The initial discussions may be held between the family and General Practitioner/Social Worker or Service Co-Ordinator. All of these agencies will direct you to the appropriate assessment services.

At this time, it may be discovered that it is possible to provide additional services into ones own home to allow the disabled person to remain at home with the family.  If not, the various providers of Residential Care such as Bainfield Park be offered.

It is important to seek as much information as possible about Residential care options before making a final decision. Visit the homes, ask questions, take notes during your visits if you wish and bring other family members and or friends with you to help in the decision making if required.