About Bainfield Park


With a change of emphasis in the programme of the Plunket Society, caused by a discontinuation of government support for Karitane Hospital work, the hospital at Waikiwi, Invercargill, was forced to close at the end of February 1980.

This institution, originally donated as the Bainfield Estate by Sir William Hunt in 1926, had served Southland for many years. With the generosity and hard work shown by the community, the original hospital had developed into a centre that touched the lives of many Southland families, with unwell or vulnerable babies and mothers.

The land and buildings were purchased in 1980 by the Bainfield Park Charitable Trust who intended to offer a continued service of crisis care for families in need, health education programmes and a home for active elderly residents in the initial years.

In honour of the original gift of land and buildings donated by Sir William, the name “Bainfield” remains.

Bainfield Park Charitable Trust (as the parent organization), formed the company – Bainfield Park Residential Care Limited to manage and progress the residential care facility in 2000. Bainfield Park has developed into a superb facility offering a friendly warm and caring home to both younger individuals with disabilities and also elderly clients in the Rest Home Area.

Southland businesses, individuals and community groups continue to generously and actively support Bainfield Park as Sir William Hunt had done more than seventy years ago. This allows our community at large to benefit from the vision, of previous generations who were determined to provide a place of residence for those people unable to live in their own homes – either on a short or long term basis.